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Totally Official, Approved, Cat Thread

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12 hours ago, Scylla Rhiadra said:

So this reminded me of this thread.

This is a photo by @MrsSeren was her entry into the Focus Magazine photo contest. I've been told that there were over 1000 entries -- Seren's pic made it to the semi-finals in her category (B&W), a pool of just 25 pics. (I think this picture is as good as any I saw there, and much nicer than most.)

And it features VERY cool cats. Here it is on display at the Focus Magazine sim:


Touching on what @Scylla Rhiadraposted; this was my first ever serious photo contest I have EVER entered (was nudged by my friend; @Lusus Sauleto enter); and honestly blew me away to think I placed as a semi finalist and I may even finally stop saying my photos are just okay, may even say they are good! :P:D  

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At last - I can post a picture of Princess Emerald aka Emmy. Sexiest beast I know. 

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Ok so this cat has always curled up on the cable box to sleep.  She's put on a little Covid weight so she doesn't quite fit.  She'll be sleeping hard when all of a sudden, I hear 'thud'!  Her head has slipped off and banged on the cabinet below.  As you can see, doesn't even wake her up.





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