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Totally Official, Approved, Cat Thread

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At last - I can post a picture of Princess Emerald aka Emmy. Sexiest beast I know. 

This is so typical of the Cat Party. You all but OWN the media, and so here you are, AGAIN, misleading the good people of Second Life about the so-called "virtues" of cats. Well, we in the Dog Pa

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23 hours ago, Dafadilia Wayfarer said:

My angel being particularly adorable today, but then I'm perhaps a tad biased when it comes to this marshmallow baby. ❤️

Baby Girl Kitten Angel.jpg

Marshmallows don't, as a rule, come equipped with needles!

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10 minutes ago, Jordan Whitt said:

That's not a cat @Orwar

   I know. It's better than a cat!

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