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String / Fairy Lights

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Does anyone know of any tutorials on how to make these in Blender? I've seen lots of different ways of wrapping objects around an object but not sure what the best technique is for making them low poly and work well in sl. Do you use paths, or modifiers or something else to give that roughly wrapped string look?

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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The simplest process that comes to mind is...

Make your light:


Add a curve into your scene and position it how ever you like, then add an Array and a Curve modifier to the single light:
(The offsets are up to you, the most important thing is to select the "Fit Type" and "Curve")


You'll end up with something like this:


And then you can either manually connect the wire, or add another cylinder into the scene and make it follow the curve as well. Next you'll have to figure out LODs because something like this can easily have very high LI if you mess it up.

Your physics model will be a simple box and in-world you'll set the object to be phantom so people can't bump into it. An decoration like this has no real use for a physics shape in SL.

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