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Coral Estates - Check Us Out!

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Welcome to Coral Estates!

We Have Several Lands Within Our Sailing Estate & Stand Alone Regions - We Are A Full Service Estate!  Check Us Out Today!

Please Contact Houdis Hancroft, Sugarpie Froobert Or Leah Chardin For Assistance.  You Can View All Of Our Vacant Lands By Visiting Us Inworld At Direct TP - Coral Estates Marina & Office Or By Using Our Web Based Option At Coral Estates Vacant List


Here Are Just A Few Of The Reasons Why So Many Residents Choose Coral Estates!

☑   Sizes Ranging From 1,024 sqm - 65,536 sqm
☑   Commercial & Residential Land Options (Residential Lands Are Residential Only - So You Can Enjoy & Maintain Privacy)
☑   Tier Options Weekly or Monthly - Option To Add 2nd Payee
☑   Free Rental Hud & Brand New Web Based System To Check Payment History & Account Balance
☑   Grass, Sand & Blended Terrains Available
☑   Full Rights To Your Land - Keep Or Return Any Prims
☑   Set Your Own Music/Media

☑   Deed Your Land To Your Own Group
☑   Full Access To Ban List
☑   Free Security Orb
☑   Platforms & Skyboxes Welcome
☑   Full Prim Regions & Homesteads Available
☑   Stand Alone Regions or Sailing Community w/ Marina Options
☑   Full Region Owners - Estate Managers & No Covenant
☑   Adult & Moderate Rated Lands
☑   Ability To Subdivide Parcel Or Region
☑   Estate Owner & Staff Have Combined 45+ Years Of Customer Service Experience In SL
☑   Award Winning Estate Since 2007

A Handful Of Customer Compliments.  We Strive To Be The Best Every Day!

"I LOVE this place, I mean it, I'm so happy living there its my favorite place of all time and I have no regrets whatsoever. you always have the most wonderful places"

"Thank you, greatest landlord of all times"

"Thanks SO much for doing that!  My friend and I decided today this is probably one of the best places we've ever rented...and that's saying a lot!"

"Thank you so much! Never had better service or experience ever"

"i would recommend renting from Coral though, they are wonderful and estate company is amazing"

"I love everything! Everybody is always so nice and helpful, I can't thank you enough"

"You've made me feel special and took care of everything.  I'm so happy I found this place!"

"Everybody is sooo nice, I just love you all to pieces <3" 

"I've rented just about everywhere, I've never received better customer service in my 10+ years in SL"

"You have some of the prettiest decorated lands in alllllllllllll of SL and your full homestead setups are amazinggggggg"

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 174 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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