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Wanting a neighborhood like Riverside County. Any suggestions?

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http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Riverside County/128/128/20   Here's the map location to reference.     Land Requirements:  1000 to 2000 prims, choosing my own house and landscaping, a road connecting to an overall community (NO weird dividing walls between houses)  

I love Riverside's lighting and overall feel.....and gosh darn it they are full...of course. I'll keep checking but I'm bored and want land asap ;P ..... I bought a brand new house since their board stated a piece of land Available..... but come to find out it wasn't.

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Come check out Copper Horse Village.  We are a country-themed rental community. You can rez out your own home if it fits the community theme.  We have a couple plots open at 1250 prims.

Rental Map: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Country Hideaway/196/134/31

We currently openings on the property with some of the lowest prices per prim for any fully themed rental property...  Properties are available as low as L$600 as well as larger plots with more prim allowance.  Some plots are fully furnished (we will add furniture to other plots at no cost as well if requested).

The mailbox is the rental box, residents and subtenants can request group access (for rez rights) directly from the mailbox.


  • Beautifully decorated private island
  • Low lag
  • Horse Trails
  • Furnished and unfurnished properties for rent
  • Spacious and decorated public areas (with rez rights)
  • Active community with events


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