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@NiranV Dean may have a better answer..

The Machinima panel is a collection of viewer settings and server side Windlight settings. The viewer settings and be restored to their defaults, which depend on your computers graphics ability. Delete the viewer's SETTINGS file while the viewer is not running. The viewer will rebuild this file the next time it starts. That will return all the viewer's Preferences to the defaults and I suspect change the related settings in the Machinima panel.

C:\Users\[Windows_ID]\AppData\Roaming\BlackDragon\[avatar_name]\settings_per_account.xml  -- I think the blue part is correct. Niran often changes things to suit Niran. Save a copy somewhere before you delete it so you can restore it, if I am wrong.

With the Windlight related settings you can restore the Environment Settings in their panels and that should handle most of the Machinima's Windlight related settings.

The Machinima panel is not the 'master' panel of your environment settings. It populates it setting with whatever the viewer is using at the time. The existing viewer info is sort of a starting place foe the Machinima panel.  Think of it as a way to tweak all the settings in the various places in the viewer that affect the render. Use the Windlight settings to get your basic look. The Machinima panel offers handy shortcut to the various settings in the different Windlight/EEP panels.

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I do.

First off to your problem, you can reset settings by simply holding down CTRL while right clicking any slider or option to reset them back to default (or you can use the default buttons in preferences). Resetting this way works everywhere, not just in Preferences or the Sidebar, it's a global UI feature. There is no need to delete your settings file if all you're going to want is just a graphic settings reset (or just a bunch of them).

Secondly... to what Nalates said:

The Machinima Sidepanel is a collection of several settings from Preferences, nothing more than that. There are no Windlight/EEP settings except the "Region Windlight" toggle that can be found in the Environment Editor. All changes done in Preferences will be mirrored in the Sidebar and vice versa, that is if you give it a chance to (reopen).

The settings_per_account.xml is NOT your settings file, settings saved in here are your account specific settings, not the global Viewer settings (like graphic settings). Settings like your language, preferred maturity and that stuff gets saved here.

What she was referring to is: C:\Users\[Windows_ID]\AppData\Roaming\BlackDragon\user_settings\settings.xml

This is where all your settings are saved. Please DO NOT delete this file unless you want a full reset and only do so if there's an unfixable issue. Yes some issues can be fixed this way but its better to figure out what the actual issue is rather than nuking all your settings and redoing the same mistake shortly after. You'll end up nuking your settings over and over, which is no fun.

Generally speaking you will never need to do this. No update requires you to do this and if there would ever be one, i will specifically tell you to do so in the update post. All changes i make to settings are automatically applied to you as well unless you have changed the very same setting, in that case it is enough to simply reset that one setting (if you haven't already). This also means next time you reset that setting, it will automatically set itself to whatever new default i've set it to. If you never touched the setting at all it will automatically do so whenever i change them.

Environment on the other hand can be simply reset by going into Dragon - World - Sun - Midday. This will reset the sky to the default midday that everyone loves.

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