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Ginette Pinazzo

Chelsea Malibu: 'Staffing For The Virtual Business'

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I am posting this, not because I want to be in the habit of posting event ads, but I do feel some real efforts towards Business Networking and Business Support would really help Zindra as well as (adult) business in general. With that in mind,...


Speaker Chelsea Malibu: 'Staffing For The Virtual Business' at Zindra Help Vortex

This June, The Zindra Help Vortex will present the first in its series of lectures and presentations designed to educate. stimulate and fascinate.

Chelsea Malibu:
'Staffing For The Virtual Business'

Chelsea has incredible experience running an 8-sim enterprise that employs over 100 and can share insights into the world of staffing. Invaluable!

SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Zindra%20Vortex/128/128/0
SITE: https://sites.google.com/site/zindrahelpvortex/

The Zindra Help Vortex is the first sandbox, mentor and outreach center on 'A-rated' mainland, featuring building workshops and contests, classes and inworld help, business networking functions and outreach for the adult continent of Zindra.,

We enjoy a healthy relationship with the Zindra  Expo group. So can you!

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Thanks Ginette and I am very honored to have been asked to do this.  :smileyhappy:

A brief synopsis of my background may help in understanding what I will be covering. In RL I am a professional in the adult industry as an executive with a well known company running the division that works with adult.  I have been in this industry for 12 years and prior to that, executive management.  I also have 20 years of charity work with not for profits where I staffed many RL events.  I look at SL staffing in the same light as volunteers as the characteristics are nearly identical.

I have a degree in law and am fully aware of the restrictions placed on the adult industry. Having run one of the larger adult projects in SL (Jenna Jameson's, Ecstasy Islands) has provided me with a unique background on labor laws and taxation within and how they apply to a virtual world.

I look forward to passing this information along as well as learning from those who attend. I have never spoken on a panel or as keynote where I have not been able to learn from the attendees as well.

Thank you for this opportunity and I hope to make this as fun and informative as possible.




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