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Marketplace Not Letting Me Sign In At All

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Hello. I'm trying to login into the marketplace and it's not letting me sign in. I'll press login but it will bring me right back to the main page of the marketplace without logging me in. Was wondering if anyone else besides me is experiencing this. Thank you!

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The Marketplace has been under maintenance, but that is all finished now according to the Status page:-

Completed - The scheduled maintenance has been completed.
Oct 21, 10:54 PDT
BUT.... the Status itself still shows Marketplace Purchases as under maintenance.
Keep an eye on the status page:-
Edit to add:
I've just successfully logged into the Marketplace, but haven't tried to buy anything.
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More info
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53 minutes ago, SiaChase said:

I can't log in to marketplace. Is there still a system maintenance?

3 posts above!


It looks like the login issues might be a separate problem?


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I'll add this as a separate post, I dunno what Linden techs have done but I no longer need to log in to the MP when I access it inworld, once I logged in today I stayed logged in over several sessions! 😄

It is worth adding that on all occasions I was on a region at  the datacentre not in the cloud.

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I'm in the same boat. Normally it would, at random, log me out while I'm purchasing x items but I'd just sign back in and, while tedious, I could deal with it. I tried to log into the Marketplace on the regular web and not the server and it's still the same thing. 

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Let me guess,
some moron you hired, because he was your buddy, talked you into using Java for this system, and now it has to be compiled every time you do updates or maintenance. 

At SpaceCorp we use the latest proven technologies, not what friends say is best but what is proven to give our clients the best performance.

Any chance this is going to be back up before we all die ?

~ Thanks

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I`ve been trying to update my MP store with latest releases, I was able to edit listings and thankfully save, but publishing button brings me to this:0np.png.357ec7f9474b23d9b4146c634e3ad3bd.png

No change since Friday. Anyone else having this problem?

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Its officially fixed now:-

Marketplace Issues


Incident resolved


The Marketplace login issue is resolved. If residents are experiencing any further issues accessing the Marketplace, please contact Support.


Time posted


Oct 26, 08:02 PDT


Components affected

Operational Websites - marketplace.secondlife.com
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