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How fitted/rig a clothing without avastar?

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Make sure to enable the extra "Keep Bind Info" setting when you export. The armature in this file has extra data that the normal SL export preset doesn't send.

NOTE: This is NOT full Bento. It's the original skeleton plus Fitted Mesh collision volume bones. As far as I can tell a fully Bento version of this armature is not freely available anywhere.

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Hi Quarrel, but that files is outdated skeleton and NOT working with recently bento skeleton of sl (avatar_skeleton.xml). I check the file... I will explain...

The change with the classic skeleton with volumen bones (fitted), the bones had custom shape (circles and lines, I think the lines are the classic bones and maybe the circles the volumen bones, or inverse) and maybe they use the shapekey for fitted. Only for this big problem with the bento skeleton rig is broken, the last month I'm learning about the Armature for blender user. That files not working for all blender user right now, because is outdated, sl viewer use bento skeleton with volumen and collision bones (fitted).

You can create your own custom shapes for the bones of the armature for your personal use. This is not problem, this only work technically for a visual Workflow (I think so).

But the knighmare with the bento skeleton, I'm looking the fixed skeleton from project fitted mesh clothing of sl page or avatar_skeleton.xml, there are included all bones, volumen and collision bones necessary for fitted.  And with the orientation with SL is f**** knighmare lol.

The actual skeleton (blender/dae version) had problem with the legs and the rig is broken, not working correctly. FBX is corrupted (Official Project Bento Sl page). Also the last month trying to find a solution I see maybe the spines bones maybe dont had parenting correctly with other bones.

Then for that, I'm looking for .dae, .fbx with female skeleton fixed and shapekey updated. Any know where??? Please thanks.


Please Non Avastar and machinimatrix old files. OR ANY premium license addon.


I looking for a opensim armature works in blender 2.8 or 2.9, for all member of SL community and blender user can make your creations manually without premium addon or paid license, maybe take more time and effort fitting manually. More democracy go to a method and selected for animate, rig or fit of your preference. So please, And the bento skeleton is knighmare, all broken, may any int this last years, publish a bento skeleton fixed or repair work fine for create animation or rigging/fitting clothing.

Any file with fixing or repair female skeleton?


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 202 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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