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What are you grateful for right now?

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1 hour ago, Saskia Rieko said:

I am grateful that the fact that the clock shows 8.24 AM and it is completely dark outside doesn’t mean there is an apocalypse. It’s just a mix of me forgetting to set the clock back by two hours - one because it has already been showing wrong time and one because we changed the time back this night - and living in a place where days are getting shorter very quickly. 

It's about 10 minutes away before our clocks turn back.. I forgot it was daylight savings time tonight..

I wish they would get rid of it, but have to be honest.. I'm going to enjoy seeing it cut back an hour here is a few minutes on my night off from work..hehehe


ETA: Crap, I guess we don't do our daylight savings time until November 1st..

Well i got all excited for nothing tonight..hehehehe

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The autumn color. It’s going to be fab this year!

The rain… So I don’t have to water my outdoor plants right now. I’m ready for everything to go into winter phase except for the aero garden (fresh herbs) and my holiday bulbs. This is part of the uncultivated wild backyard spot, selective weeding only. 


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