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Club owner harassed me, removed me from staff, scammed me out of 10,000L invested into the place. Shut down club after less than a week of operation.


I was a co-owner of a new strip club and the owner of the club has harassed me, fired me from her staff, and scammed me out of over 10,000L that I invested into decorating the club, renting ad-boards for advertisement and hiring staff. She completely shut down the club and left only an empty platform behind and made off with whatever she could. After shutting down the club she has proceeded to harass me, and claim that I'm lying. The only reason she did this is because I told her that her friend that she claimed was a decorator was putting in new furniture that looked cheap and didn't match the theme we were trying to go for in our club. She initially hired me as manager, and I was the one getting boards,  hiring staff, and handing out landmarks and applications. I busted my ass for this girl and she repays me by running off because she can't be patient and wants instant money rather than realizing that clubs take a lot of time and effort to properly establish.

I want to file a report to Linden Labs about this and see if there is a way to recoup my investment, but I'm also aware they usually don't get between person to person disputes. Is there anything that can be done? She basically cut and run due to impatience at not making anything from the club  after we had only been open less than a week. If anyone can offer advice or a way to get in touch with Linden Labs or customer support of some kind that would be most helpful!

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You can always submit an abuse report but, as you already seem know,  it's not likely to make a difference. What you describe is a dispute between residents,  not a TOS violation.  These things happen. 

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On 10/18/2020 at 8:38 PM, Elise Banx said:

sorry nothing you can do and as you said linden lab(NO s) doesnt get involved in user to user drama... take it as a learning experience and move on

Grammar police alert

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