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New Cypress Hill Estates Mediterranean Theme !!

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Just finished creating this unique sim featuring 8 rental plots the perfect size for your home . Each plot is parceled off at about 5200 m each but I do offer a prim amount of 2000 prim per plot. Water ways separate the plots to make them very private. Each plot does offer full rights and you are free to landscape as you wish as long as it fits theme .  Also each plot has a wall around the property and a front gate like a real community. This sim has 4 corner plots priced at 2199 and then 1999 for non corners with the 2000 prim each . This sim is not an ordinary private region rental sim each plot will need to abide by the covenant and  Mediterranean theme to keep everything uniform.   Each rental meter is located at the front of each lot on the mail box. You wont be disappointed!  I spent a great deal of time making this special for all and hope you enjoy it .  I do not imagine these lots staying available long. If you want to live in an upscale community that has a great theme this is for you! 



Cypress Hill Estates

Please contact me anytime in world . I also do receive offline messages 

Marco Corleone 

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