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Private island full sim, grandfathered, with 30k upgrade, for sale!

Starting Bid is transfer fee: $300.00 USD (L$75,000). Buyer pays for transfer!
Bidding Ends Oct 26th at 6PM PDT.  Offers must be within Second Life only. 

Make your offer in-world: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Taunt/184/144/23

Sim tier due Oct 28th. 

Note, grandfathered sims give you a $100/month savings on sim tier! It is no longer possible to purchase grandfathering from LL; the only way is to buy a region that is already grandfathered!

This sim has the 30k upgrade; that is, you get 30,000 prims on the sim for $30 USD/month. This upgrade may be removed by paying LL a one-time fee of $30 USD. Current tier is $209/mo due every 28th of the month. 

Please bid with the offer board in world. Due to infrequent logins, private messages may be lost. Please send Notecards.  

Highest bidder will be notified as soon as bidding has ended. Offer payment due when bidding ends. 


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Payment due when bidding ends
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