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multiple texture applied in a prim without texture files in prim's inventory

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I'm making a HUD and just stuck on small problem with texturing.

so I was trying reference to other objects and found some like tricky way for me that applying multiple texture in a prim.



it is a part prim of AO HUD and applied wrapping a texture on all faces. ( not into individual faces )

and when it's clicked the textures are just changed to each textures.

but none of textures were in the prim's inventory.


I used to put textures in prim's inventory and use script to apply multiple textures,

but I wonder how I can do like this.

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You can always apply a texture to any face on a scripted object if you know the texture's UUID.  If you hard-code the UUID into the script and set the script to no-mod, you have the added advantage that the texture (and its UUID) cannot be lifted from the script or the object's inventory.  Any of the LSL functions that handle textures can be used this way: 






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