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Can't rez / take back some items on my own land

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This has just started - relog hasn't fixed it.

Land is deeded to group, I am wearing the group tag.

I see the can't rez symbol when i hover my cursor over an inventory item and can't drag it to the ground (a prim, not mesh).

I can't delete stuff that I was able to rez.

I have 223 prims available and the item is 2 LI.

Any suggestions? Thanks !


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I had this happen intermittently in my house in Bellessaria. I could rez a prim in my bedroom, but not rez from inventory. In the living room, I could rez from inventory. I've seen this in my workshop in Zindra, too. I'm not sure if rezzing is failing, or the detection of where to rez from the cursor is off.

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