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Pregnancy and Family Roleplay

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Hello everyone, 

I'm not sure how many people will see this, but I have been interested in exploring pregnancy and family roleplay. I have a partner, so I'm not interested in finding someone to do that with, rather, I would like to have information on what others have done before me. What draws people to this type of roleplay and what do people get out of it? I spent some time inworld trying to answer these questions for myself, and I've run into some roadblocks. Is this still a thing in SL? Have I missed the bus? 

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Maybe the Mama alpha Group will help you with the best information. That group uses a hud to simulate the menstruation cyrcle and a lot of ppl are roleplaying pregnancies and doctors apointments etc. I know some ppl useit forroleplay reasons. others use it to calm themselfs because they are pregnant in rl too.

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I know when people do RP pregnancies its more for the RP aspect, For instance my wife who i've been with for over a year on SL just had a misscarriage in real life with her partner. She is struggling right now and so we decided to do mama allpa again but make her pregnancy longer this time than two months. We have one NPC child but this one is more of a support. We do plan on having a funsizes child once we decide on a house for us and our little family when she is feeling better. 

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