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6 hours ago, AthennA20 said:

hello, how do i get the 3d head to use in photoshop?

I'm going to assume that you want a 3D model (.obj file) of a specific brand of mesh head? Most mesh heads include developer kits that contain PSD files. 3D models are not required for skins and makeup etc.

Depending on which brand of head you're looking at you may have success sending a notecard request to its creator. Make sure you include in that notecard a link to your Marketplace store or to a Flickr account where your existing products can be viewed, but be aware that many mesh head creators will not just hand out a 3D model to anyone without proof that they have a store that contains some items already, since many people request 3D models for personal use (and believe me, that's not going to happen for those people).

It's very unlikely that you will be given a 3D model if you cannot show a portfolio of your existing work. I note that you do have a Marketplace store, but it's completely blank.

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