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Truly breathtaking protected water at the edge of the grid.  Yes, no one can build in front of you.  Yes, the water view can never be obstructed as it's the edge of the grid.  Yes, you reading it correctly, it is on sale for the very affordable 6000L!  It is T-shaped, but the main land part of a great size for an elevated house as you can see with a perfect wide stretch for a private beach.  You can keep the house there and helicopter is full perm.  Other full perm houses/vehicles are available (though not as perfectly shaped for this land at the one on it (Trompe Loeil Maui Shores Cottage).


Come visit and fall in love with it.  Offer is already reduced low but will consider reasonable offers.  IM loganzeng


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Price dropped.  If you want 2048m2 or more - there are 2 adjacent lots that can bought (though more expensive than this one) to combine into one big lot.  Willing to consider all reasonable offers - priced to sell for protected grid -edge waterfront.

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Forgot to add the area .. this is a 1024 m2 size and 351 prim so perfect for premium members who already have this free as part of their membership. There are adjacent 1024m2 that are double and triple the price but could also be purchased if you wanted 2048 or more to combine to a bigger plot.

4999L for protected grid edge waterfront , unblockable view, priced to sell this weekend, IM loganzeng for any offers!!!


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