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Understanding Mindfulness - Basic Mindfulness Practice, 1pm SLT @ Hope Haven

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Understanding Mindfulness - Basic Mindfulness Practice
Wednesday, Oct 7 at 1pm slt

Join us for the first in our series of Mindfulness & Meditative Relaxation sessions that will take place at Hope Haven to help provide tools for cancer survivors, cancer caregivers and anyone else who needs them for handling bouts of stress, anxiety and depression.

The sessions will last about a half hour and will be utilizing audio recordings and some videos, so participants will need to be able to use sound and have media enabled in Second Life for best experiences.

Mindfulness is slowing down to pay attention to what’s going on right here, right now.

Our Mindfulness & Meditative Relaxation sessions will use resources provided Springboard Beyond Cancer and Excel At Life*.

For more information about Stress & Mood during and after cancer, please visit https://survivorship.cancer.gov/springboard/stress-mood

For more details on Excel At Life, please visit https://www.excelatlife.com/

Springboard Beyond Cancer is a joint venture between the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society.

Slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/…/American%20Cancer%20…/33/154/23

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