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Sonya Bigboots

How do you get rid of "immortal Prims" from a Linden Home?

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I rezzed a product box in my Linden home to unpack some clothes, and now the box refuses to leave and has outstayed its welcome.I think it has become  one of these annoying so-called "Immortal Prims" objects.

Delete has no effect. I can move it around, but I can't get rid of it.

If I "take" it the box refuses to disappear from my home, although a copy appears in my inventory.

I don't have modify rights so I can't attach it to a new root prim and delete the combined linked set.

Annoyingly it is one of those overcomplicated animated product boxes, with a script and 8 prims. I've tried deleting the contents and scripts in it before deleting the prims themselves, and although the contents seem to disappear temporarily, they reappear later. I've checked and the product box is not set to locked.

It is rezzed in my own Linden home, which has not been set to a group, so I don't think it can be I don't have the correct "rights" to delete it.

Can anybody think of something else to try to get rid of this? If not I guess (i hope) it will disappear when the region next gets re-booted.

Does anybody know how often Linden homes get rebooted, or is this something I would have to request? If a reboot would happen anyway in a few days I'm happy to just wait, but I don't want to be living with this unwanted 8-prim product box forever.


Any help or ideas appreciated.

Sonya x.

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It should be possible to attach an item from in world to your body as far as I remember. (Never done it myself but think it is possible.) Someone in another thread said they got rid of a stubborn prim by attaching it and them detaching it, which brought it back to the inventory. Not sure if it will work, or how it works if the undeletable prim is copy, but it is worth a shot. Hopefully, it won't be undeletable when it is attached to your body... :)

- Luc -

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