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This is in the wrong subforum. It should have been in Answers - account.

But the money will not be refunded. It is your responsibility to cancel Premium before the period expires. You pay upfront.

If you have Mainland or a Linden home, you must abandon or sell it before you can downgrade to Premium.

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31 minutes ago, Ic3Tower said:

Hi,I was charged for the plan, although I had no funds in my account, now my balance is negative, if I choose the standard plan, will the balance be returned?

if your USD balance in your account is in negative, you should add money quite fast, you have the risk to loose land, if you have, and a lock of your account.
If the negative balance is on your payment method you have to deal with that company.
If you dare to cancel your payment with help of the /PP/Skrill/CC company LL will take action on your account too, you agreed to the recurring payment when signing up.

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