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Freebies from -RC- Cluster all over Wienerwurst Way!

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hell Fire/46/156/2166


There are 4 different types of freebies available around town.

◄ 1 ►     Trick or Treat Candy Packs 
              -   Go Trick or Treating! 
              -   This is the only part of the town that is for group members only
              -    Join at any time!

◄ 2 ►     Free to FIND
              -   Click EVERYTHING you can! Theres SO MUCH hidden in plain sight!
              -   Some you can buy for L$0 and others will give you items with a left click.

◄ 3 ►     Free with DONATION
             -   Pay what you want! Consider:
                        →   How much did you LOL?
                        →   2x, Full, Half, or a Quarter of the price you'd expect at a store
                        →   Just do the L$1! It's fine, this is for YOU!
◄ 4 ► HAUNTED Murder Bags
        • These little bags give out random gifts when you find them around town. 
        • Click it before it DISAPPEARS! (it's haunted.)
        • Bags give random items with over 60 to collect. 
        • If someone clicks before you, the bag will reappear after a time, or you can just look for another one and come back later. - Clicking the same bag will give different prizes!

◄►  Go TRICK OR TREATING at all 10 Houses on the Street
◄►  Grab a Free Trading Pumpkin at the pumpkin Patch
◄►  Check out the barn for cheap Gacha Resale items
◄►  Pet & Ride the native species housed in the stables
◄►  Pick some Sausages ripe from the vine!
◄►  Visit the Traveling Carnival of Curiosities
◄►  Grab a bite to eat at Nana's Table at the Motel or in the food court
◄►  Shop our cute shops with Halloween items on sale
◄►  Haunt the spooky cemetery
◄►  EXPLORE EXPLORE E X P L O R E! I can't stress this enough & zoom in, details are our SPECIALTY! 

Flickr Group with more info!


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