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Hello~ My name is Airi Lyra (Airi Chau)! I have been around for 11 years and 2 months (25 IRL), and I am seeking employment. 

What I have experience in and loved:
Dancer: I used to be a freelance stripper at Pink Velvet. It was some time ago, but I'm confident I could pick it back up.
- Hostess: When The Venue was still around, I used to host there. Although, I am not up-to-date with gestures and how things work these days.

Not experienced, but willing to learn:
- Escort:
 I have never tried escorting, but I have ERPed for fun in the past. I would love to learn more about it and try to succeed. I just cannot cam or voice.
- Modeling: I have always wanted to try it and learn more about it. I love to take screenshots in my spare time, and upload them to my various socials (will link below).

- Management: I have experience leading in other games outside of SL. I have been leading an FC in FFXIV for the last 5 years, along side 6 others. I have been called the "Mom" of the FC, as I am kind/civil with everyone, but am still able to put my personal feelings aside to give punishment when needed, while also trying to be fair.

I'm also not apposed to being a Sugar Baby, as long as SL stays in SL.

Why you should hire me:
 I'm always willing to learn and improve.

- I may be on the shy side, but I really want to improve my social skills and be a valuable member of your team.

- I try my best to keep my SL avatar updated as much as possible.
- Hard working.
- I am adaptable
- I am reliable

- I work well with others
- I use discord, so am very easy to reach.



So please pick me to join your team, and I will do my best to make you proud ♥ To reach me, you can reply here, message me on SL, my socials (link below).



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If you're still up for hosting Voodoo dance Club/Tabou night club  ( Voodoo's club sister) are hiring  Djs, hosties and managers! feel free to msg me in world as StaxQueen! 

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Seeking Managers on Duty, Dj's, Hosts, Dancers (Male and Female)
Play Anything & Everything, Just keep it upbeat and fun! DJ's must use mic.
Fun Filled Professionalism Adult Rated Humor
Awesome Passion
Join The Family  
For Applications : https://clubquarantine-sl.online/


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Alrighty, now that I've cleaned up this thread a bit:

Please remember that when engaging on the forums to please stay on topic when posting on threads, and to remain civil to one another. If you have an issue with another Resident, please take it to private channels or drop it and move on. 



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Hey there, Beehive's looking for low key friendly people to host and DJ at our place - we've had a rough patch and are rolling back open after moving to a new homestead. 

Check out our hiring post here: 


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