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easy going medieval/fantasy quiet rp

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i just got linked by a friend to the Wanderlust weekend...and all i can say is WOW. .. being from HTML chat I have had numerous characters over the years and ive always gone for the freeform fantasy stuff, so i want to dip my toes into SL rp so bad lol..

but i need slow easy stuff, along the lines of grean setting, but without the rules? .. something with farms, outdoory stuff, lots of pretty areas, trees and grass huts and or quaint villages.. all totally up my alley (not rensesice type stuff, sorry cannot spell it/kings/knights ect..no) more fairy, magical stuff.

I was looking at being some kind of huntress/panther type.. but im open to more ..something with a farm or harvesting would be fun too 

who knows.. if i enjoy it as much as i think i might, i could convert to full time rp'er. 


things to know

- im not good with strict rules and being forced to play all the time, i need freedom and to flow my own way

- positions of high powers or responsibility are not for me

- i am more than happy to rp solo and be alone..doing my own thing is comfortable for me


so if anyone knows places like this, or even is a part of something similar..hit me up.. because im quite a noob with SL rp.. i don't know where else to start.

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