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10 hours ago, Frigga Freidman said:

Llorisen: the lamp and the mirrors are 1 LI and $50 each. The lamp strikes me as a very good deal - not only can you change the wood and lampshade textures, but you can control the intensity, color and range of the light. These 1 LI wall shelves are the free gift. 




Funny thing about the lamp... I had bought one and was trying to get it to work.. I tried all of the colors and selected the wood base and lampshade textures until I got the one I liked best.

Then I clicked "LIGHT" and tried many of the intensity and range and falloff settings and .. nothing...  I even rezzed a cube and used the light settings via editor for comparison... and the cube worked but the lamp didnt. I was about to resign myself to having to burn another LI on the lamp as an invisi-cube light source.

Then I happened to notice there was a 4th option on the top menu buried on the lower row of menu options between exit and reset.  I clicked "ON" and guess what? Suddenly the lamp worked and I could delete my invisi-cube light emitting prim.

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Trompe Loeil  Super Fans $L50 Special

Trompe Loiel Super Fans Group Elina Cabin 50 linden 53 Land Impact
17mx24m FootPrint   ( December 1, 2016 )

Tromp Loeil Super Fans Group Eloise Dining Set PG 50 linden Land Impact 4 ea. 
( August 25, 2016 )

Group Join - secondlife:///app/group/40764bcb-b29c-97d2-4a92-95cb4dfcdf2b/about




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I remember when a "portable dish washer" was a bucket placed under a campsite water spigot, but for those of you who want a more hi-tech solution, KraftWork's weekend sales include this 3 LI item for $75.

The Enamorados set costs $60. And the Valentines Day yard sign collection costs $50.








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Free Group Gifts - Panache Events SL: Customer Group ( gifts are in notices ) 
Dahlia - Panache - Cake 
Elm. Tasha Photo Backdrop


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All of the items shown in these 3 drawer sets on sale at Black.Sand for $60. 

The Gentlemen's Closet is 40 LI, but that includes the clothing hanging and on shelves. Each color sold separately for $60. The Ottoman set is 7 LI, and can be purchased separately for $60. 

Wear your group tag for a further 17% off.






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