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21 hours ago, Malayaa Morningstar said:

Artisan Fantasy has their entire herbal collection out for 25L Tuesday!  I doublechecked and there are 11 items in the box for only 25L, what a great deal...http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Artisan Fantasy/190/108/2003



Thank you so much for posting this. I had seen it in Seraphim, but I though every single item was priced to 25 L. Some sellers do just that...

And I managed to get the set just now!

And it is so low Li. Especially the Step ladder that comes filled with pots and plants, all for just 3 Li. And the hanging herbs only 2 Li, the rest is 1 Li I think. And the pots and oils is grouped in several ones, so it is also Li saving.

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Group gifts: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Orchard Heights/155/33/1585

Group cost 20 L to join. I totally adore the tin can plants, 1 Li each. The highest Li is the bike, 8 Li with pretty poses. Totally worth 20 Li for me.

The bike took a long time to rez for me, but it is nice for photos, maybe not as a permanent decor.

The "Fall" frame is a FabFree group gift and that group is free to join.

Need 1 L to pay for each gift, vendor pays you back.


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New vendor (at least to me) - Myrrine. They are in this week's Cosmopolitan, and I noted the really cute use of textures.



Here's the URL to their mainstore if you are interested in exploring further. The style is whimsical, some of it is strictlyy shabby chic but some would be right at home in a Fantasy house.

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Myrrine has had some gachas, it was then I saw them first. I noticed that they are one of the very few stores that put gachas out to a low price. (Low compared to those who price it to 1000, 2000 or more.) I saw only one set on the MP, maybe they have more inworld. This set is for sale secondhand to over 2000 L for a full set, and now it is possible to buy it as copy and mod for 699. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/September-items-set-fat-pack/22694981

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For many of us, Autumn is the season of apples and pumpkins. In SL, it also seems to be the season of benches. Bricolage has a couple for you to consider this weekend. At 6 LI and $60-PG, $75-A, with texture change options for the seat and cushion, there is the Agatha Painted Bench on the left of the photo. On the right is the similar Orla Pine Bench - 8 LI with far more texture-change options, $125-PG, $175-A. 


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If you're looking for a piano and you missed out on Nutmeg's sale a couple of weeks ago, Pitaya may be someplace to visit this weekend - piano and stool (8 LI/2 LI), PG, in 4 color options, $75 per color. The candles are sold separately, 2 LI per candlestick, $50 for the pair. (Lisp also sells pianos, upright and grand; the upright is available in a variety of paint finishes as well as woods, but they are currently priced at $450/$500.) Zerkalo also has a piano on sale this weekend, which I've shown before. No piano stool, no playing animations but a lot of 'sitting *on* the piano ones. 13 LI. I remain unimpressed.



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