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Apple Fall has made its store shelving units available as a free gift - look for the yellow box under the AF banner at the landing point! 

Well, I just found the place for beachy home furnishings! Amelia's Coastal Treasures  

Extremely exciting news from Muniick for this weekend's Happy Weekend Sale! Their entire Wickman Farmhouse Kitchen - in 4 finishes, Adult or PG - is being sold for only 60L$! Note that anyone who has

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Your Dreams has this table/chairs set, with the shown table contents, for 60L in the Happy Weekend sale. 



IMO, some of the food items are extremely heavy (super high triangle count), but I bought it primarily for the table -- the base is a bit more interesting than most tables.

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Just ran across this at The Home Store for Secret Sunday Sale.  The stuff there is often hit or miss for me, with good & bad LODs, decent and super high triangle counts.... - likely because she only makes some of it herself and uses some pieces from other folks.  

In any case, this setup looks like something that I would have inside my gardening shed and the LODs are fine for that.  I'd probably only use it outside if it was under the eaves of a house or under a tree or such, so that it breaking up from a distance wasn't really noticeable. 

Overall, it is a cute arrangement, IMO - worth the L$50 to me.


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