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On 12/13/2020 at 11:36 PM, Frigga Freidman said:

If I remember correctly, this was the kind of decor item that Marianne was looking for. (Phone not letting me tag her. Will have to try again when I get back to my laptop.)

Me Marianne? I can use 2 of the DaD gifts with some candlesticks. I picked up the gifts some days ago ūü§ó The Trompe gift is super pretty too.

Lol, are you all surprised as me when you add stuff and have them attached to you? I am so used to boxed stuff that attach to the screen. Or a gift bag.

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A few freebies I particularly liked from the Winter Shop and Hop. For festive decoration mostly. There are lots of other gifts and bargains there and also some items exclusive to the event. 

The [changeable] photo frame (2Li) is from QE Designs


The snowman globe (5 Li) is from [Circa]


Beside them, the little wooden tree (5 Li) is from Tarte


The tray of hot choclate and candy canes etc (10 Li) is from Aphrodite


The Santa tapestries (3 Li each) behind are all from *Paper Moon*


The Christmas heart decorations in the box (1 Li) are from Myrrine


The Christmas tree frames pictures (1 Li) are from Atelier Burgundy


The chair is from Trompe Loeil (4Li)


The lit up presents (1 Li each) are from What Next


The tin house candle light (2 Li) is from Crate




1109467349_Pyrifunfair_002.thumb.png.2290fab9eb3d0f5cefae33250f622198.png195884787_Pyrifunfair_003.thumb.png.c53334ea2ecdb3949ce41b989fad3f0e.pngln this photo the snowy fountain is from Never Totally Dead (3 Li)


The elf with Christmas cupcakes (4 Li) is from Bee Designs


The HoHoHo sign (2 Li) is from Circa


The decorated Christmas ladder (6 Li) is from Chez Moi




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9 hours ago, Frigga Freidman said:

Artisan Fantasy's 12 Days of Christmas giveaways (free to join group) began today - this 2LI mailbox is the first gift.




I honestly do not know what to feel.

2 days opened now, and both are identical with the calendar gifts from 2018.

Yes, I double checked when I had acquired them. One in 2018, one in 2020.

It was a calendar I really looked forward to open. I can not be disappointed either, I have "no right" to be. It is good gifts for those who was not around in 2018. Maybe 2019 are recirculated next year. That can be a benefit for me. 2019 had to be a bad year... I had not picked up one.

I can't forget the calendar this year either, what if they change the content suddenly.




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DISORDERLY / Glam Setting @ kustom9
kustom9 is open!

Table & Chair sold as a set - with texture change Table Runner & Chair Legs (touch to change!)

1-3 land impact (Copy/Mod)

Decor pieces come in Silver & Gold

1 land impact each (Copy/Mod)



/me squeals and tries hard to ignore her vanishing lindens


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1 hour ago, Marianne Little said:

Is it really common? Wow, I did not know that. It is no point in going there and click the calendar then...

I've encountered it at half dozen to a dozen stores in the last few years, though they don't all always duplicate all of the items from a previous year.  So I typically still grab the current year advent and just check for duplicates.

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2 hours ago, Arquet said:

For anybody with a sweet tooth, the free gift from tentation at Access is this, mostly 1LI each. Not sure when the round ends.


Ooops, I meant Tentacio... just realised... well, I had 2/3 of the name right, at least...

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Meanwhile, at Muniick... there's a set of items they refer to as a Winter Refuge. Many pieces included, with texture changes for the cushions, seat, throw. *Not* linked. 60L$ for the set, PG or A available separately.

Sled 5LI ; throw 2LI ; cushions 1LI each ; stump 1LI; hot cocoa 1LI ; tote bag with books 2LI ; lantern post 3LI ; hanging gas lantern 3LI ; gas lantern on ground 3LI; open book 1LI ; double fence 2LI ; fence section 1LI.  (I think other fence sections are included). 

I *love* the detail on this, particularly the jingle bells. 




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Ballade is again doing the Advent calendar - gifts started yesterday, current day is free (no group needed), old ones are 20L.  In case you missed previous years, all of the gifts from 2016-2019 are also out for 20L each.  Super cute holiday decorating items.  Below are the gifts for each year from 2016 to current.  Also, the 2016 gifts will be retired at the end of this year.









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Not Christmas themed, but I am loving the latest release from ANOID. I fell in love at first sight that I bought it as soon as I received the group notice, the textures perfectly match my black-and-white marble kitchen!

FAJAH is a modern kitchen that features:

  • 4 bento animations that use props
  • Induction stove with burners that can be turned on/off
  • A faucet that can also be turned on/off
  • 2 sliders that allow for hiding/exposing a storage area
  • A controller to change between textures, being the combinations pretty much endless

Permissions: Copy   Modify   NoTransfer
Prims: 11


Inworld Demo


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