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Who is your Favorite LIVE Singer in SL? (and please give a little details about their style of music)

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4 hours ago, oOLotusFlowerOo said:

I'm Looking for new live singers in SL to hear.  Can you please recommend me some ... thank you.

You can try :

Bow Shim
Jakbnimbl Riddle
Maribol Inshan
Katiaportugal Genesis

Their style is mostly rock and maybe some old pop songs.

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Aley Kat is my favorite.

She has yber nice voice and that is not all - i never have heard her sing off key what is very common with many SL singers.

She makes every song sound like it was written for her. Her song list is like endless and there are songs from different genres.



I highly recommend her live performances.


To find new singers just keep eye on all live scene places, they list events and sets on SL event calendar.



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Favorite SL singer? WAY too many to list.

For a lady with soul and some serious pipes you can't go wrong with Catdanc. Singing to backing tracks she still puts something raw into every song and makes it entirely her own rather than "just a cover".

Wes West is a really talented country/traditional performer - great voice, guitar skills off the charts and a wicked sense of humor. He's been known to bring his band along to shows from time to time too. If you can get to one of these DO IT. Most SL performers are solo but with a full live band on the stream it takes it to another level.

Mystelle is a guitarist with real talent- I know you said singers but this lady sings through her guitar. (Obligatory plug - if she's playing the blonde Epi Joe Pass edition on stage, I made that for her, duplicating her RL instrument)

IF I'm mentioning instrumentalists I've got to include the smooth sax of Chocolatblack, you can smell and taste the pre-COVID nightlife of Paris in his sound. Anyone whose spent even a few days in the City of Lights will know what I mean. One of the best shows of his I've ever heard was actually live-streamed while he was busking on the banks of the Seine.

Rock vocals are HARD, donlt let anyone tell you different, and Satch can handle them along with playing a really mean rock/blues axe.

One of the most wonderful things about being a performer myself is that I get to hear the most amazing SL artists I woudn't have discovered otherwise simply because they are scheduled before or after me at a particular venue

Me? I'm just a crusty old folkie that throws the occasional hour of traditional and modern ballads and story songs onto the stream of any venue that lets me get away with it :)

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