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Tentacles and Aliens! Non-Consententacle Park

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Hey  just wanted to announce a reopening of my Tentacle Alien adult park, It is a sci-fi fantasy park with fun slimy tentacles, RLV beasts needing sex crazed SL people. In the park there is RLV traps,  BDSM toys to play with all over the park. The Park is the only one in SL,  that IS actually a park.Here you will find a naughty cave at landing point that has a BDSM dungeon to play in as well as  a new feature to the park a 3 hour park collar. The park collar is a RLV collar that last only 3 hours for some playtime but you don't want to buy a pricier collar permanently, it also gives those new to the RLV scene a chance to TRY before you buy something permanent. The Park is full of danger, adventure.

The Park has a sitting area that you can just sit and hang out, dance balls too. Come enjoy the view on our floating island, due to the massive RLV toy collection I have accrued over the yrs I cant put out all the toys so somethings I will rotate, something I just can't put out due to the hellish high prims and lack of updates on the creators part. I will still somedays be fluttering around the region putting in details, maybe a tree here, some grass there etc, but you are always welcome to jump in my naughty-box for a chat, question, complaint.

Enjoy the naughty side of SL and come play.. there is posted rules and if you walk down the steps to the left is a group join and you can get a LM and a information notecard, please sign the guest book to the right of the stairs even if you don't plan on staying long, your visit is important.

Non-Consententacle Park          <Click here to visit

Gem Parker-Park owner

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