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Seeking a Roleplay with Companionship.

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Hello everyone. Hmm, what can I tell you about my character. 

Saskia is the culmination of about 20 years of personal roleplay and evolution. Originally she formed from supernatural roleplay, demonic and high-fantasy. But today, she's evolved into a "fae spirit" a being of wild passion. Generally considering its second life, she is naturally designed for a modern supernatural - high fantasy setting. But it can be medieval fantasy as well. I'm a big D&D geek as well 😛 . So I know my table top stuff as well. But I suppose now we can to the whole point of why I am seeking a Roleplay. To battle the ever present loneliness that seems to follow some people on SL. I have done my best trying to make friends, and even some RP sims. And yet, I still feeling unsure and lonely these days. So I'm looking for some kind of casual roleplay experience with another female  for a romantic lesbian experience. Now I'm not looking for RL, but some kind of Intimate Relationship to Roleplay on SL. 


Now I'm I guess what people might call Semi-Para in skill. 4-7 sentences on average. Though this can be much better depending on how much I'm into the scene. Yes, I suffer from Depression, I am 51 in real life. So I'm looking for something a bit more mature, stable, and reliable. I'll direct you all to my SL Profile for more information, since I really don't know what to say in these. 

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