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Returning to SL after 3 years, purchased new avatar body/skin/head etc...

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Hey everyone,

Need some help after being away from SL for several years. After being gone for 3yrs my avatar was a bit out of date so to speak so I got him an updated bodyskin and head and they look fantastic. However, none of the previous clothes(and I mean NONE) I purchased before will even work on the new body. Granted these are well over 3yrs old. Is there away to make them work or is it just best to toss them all out and just slowly get newer stuff for the newer bod. Thanks all. I'm not up to date on this any more and all the knowledge is gone here. It's gonna take me a long time to remember how this all works again.....thanks in advance for your time and patience!


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whether your old clothes will work for you now depends on a few things..  some will work if they are mesh if you use the alpha sections on your body hud to block out any parts that poke through.. but that won't work for all of your clothes.  If you have the system files for the classic avatar you can still use them if your body has the ability to go to BOM (bakes on mesh).  But on the other hand,  look at it this way, now you get to go shopping and buy a whole new wardrobe lol. 

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