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How do I render out an image sequence from blender to use as a sprite sheet in-world?

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The colour variations you see when your procedural texture is animated are from reflections from the HDRI image used in the Material preview mode.

To get the same effect in Render mode you need to use this HDRI image  as an Environmental Texture in the Color field of the World properties.

The name of this HDRI is forest.exr and can be found in your Blender install.



 In World Properties > Surface > Color  click on the little yellow dot and choose the Environmental Texture option.

Next click on the  Open Image (little folder icon) and navigate to where the forest.exr image is located .

2.90\blender-2.90.0-windows64\blender-2.90.0-windows64\2.90\datafiles\studiolights\world\forest.exr and Open the image :



Now when you hit F12 to render you should see something like in the screenshot below :Screenshot_4-min.thumb.png.adeabc8f13f087d4d271a0f7e6debe9f.png

If, like in the screenshot above, the Render is still not quite like in the Material Preview check the Camera properties  > Lens > Type settings, and change from Orthographic to Perspective .



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Just to show how much the  HDRI image can effect the texture...........

This is using the same procedural texture (with an added color ramp to change the green of the  grass to blue) but this time using the Noon_grass HDRI from HDRIHaven






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