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6 hours ago, Rachel1206 said:

Anyone else with same problems?

Oh yes! In fact its become a bit of joke recently, within my circle of friends, to make comments like, "I'm waiting for the mail to bring my legs this morning...". Successful logins are very slow to rez everything. The odd login fails completely.


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On 9/27/2020 at 5:10 PM, tokudan said:

I've been completely unable to login for the last half an hour with the message "...something unexpected has gone wrong..." :(

Regions are being restarted. Try a different one if you haven't already.

Hippo Hollow

Ruth's Retreat




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1 hour ago, Raya Darkthorn said:

Same issue... log in and half of my avatard is missing, inventory not loading, so clear cache and log off to see if that helps now I cant get back in... Clearly the new owners aren't interested in keeping SL viable!

There. Aren't. Any. New. Owners. Yet.

Seriously ... Until there is news/an announcement that the buyout/merger has properly gone through/completed that line of "reasoning" and excuse for recent issues needs to stop.

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