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Is it against guidelines to discuss or suggest locations in secondlife?

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5 minutes ago, Foggypebble Muircastle said:

I want to follow the guidelines so I want to know. It’s the “Spamming, Solicitation and Advertising” guideline that has me thinking that maybe it’s not okay? But I’m not sure?

This might help  


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There's a "Favourite destinations" subforum for locations but it's against the rules to promote a store or club in there, It's intended for places that are non-commercial.

Club events can go in the "Upcoming Events and Activities" subforum.

It's also okay to recommend products that people are asking for, for example if someone's looking for a mesh body, you are allowed to suggest and link to the Maitreya store, Belezza etc.

But it's not okay to say something like "Hey, I've just released X new product in my store, go check it out."

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If you want to post in general, I think you need to bring up multiple destinations in your post so it doesn’t seem like you are advertising for a single place. Instead of talking about the places themselves you could bring up the good things that many places have. Like, a nice layout or rezzable vehicles... etc. 

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