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PC freezing


today when i logged in using Firestorm, I was able to move and to teleport but about five minutes into the game my pc froze up. cnt-alt-del had no effect and there was not a whirling symbol but just a cursor arrow and a frozen screen with no way to get out except to power down the computer. 
Thinking it might be the Firestorm viewer i downloaded the latest Firestorm with the same results. I then down loaded and ran the Second Life Viewer and had the same results.  I tried with an alt avatar with the same results. I have not had any problems with others games so I surmise it must be Second Life itself. How do I submit a ticket? I do not seem to find the place for that.

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1 hour ago, Jatar Winger said:

 How do I submit a ticket? I do not seem to find the place for that.

it will be a (faster) first step to open your viewer, and copy/paste your system info from the help menu here on the forums.
If there's something with the settings it will be pointed at by the many experienced user-helpers.
(a ticket can take up several days, and based on what membership, not handled at all)

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