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dropping mesh items


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35 minutes ago, hetaera4k said:

when I try to drop an object I get a box saying "You can't drop mesh attachments. Detach to inventory and then rez in world." How do I detach to inventory and how do I rez in world?Can't figure it out.

Right click on it in inventory and choose ADD.  If it's an item that needs unpacked, A dialogue window should come up or sometimes, you have to touch the item which could be an onscreen HUD. 

What is it exactly you are trying to rez?

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18 minutes ago, hetaera4k said:

How do I detach to inventory and how do I rez in world?Can't figure it out.

You select Detach, not Drop.  Detaching anything makes it go back to your inventory.  (Well, almost anything.  Store demo items and some attachments used in games are "temp attached," which means that they disappear after you detach them.  That's fine, because those items don't really belong to you.  They're "on loan.")

If you want to rez things in world, as opposed to attaching them with the Add or Wear option, you have to be in a place that allows you to do it.  That includes land that you own, land owned by a group that has given you permission to create objects, or a sandbox.  You can search for sandboxes using your viewer's Search tool.  I suggest choosing one that's not quite near the top of the list (less crowded) and not explicitly designed for testing weapons.  ;) 


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Welcome to Second Life, @hetaera4k!

Most of us almost never use the "Drop" option.  What that does is un-attach an object from your avatar, leaving it on its own in-world.  This is a pretty dangerous thing to do.  For example, many avatar accessories (hair, jewelry) can have large land impact values.  Normally, that's not a concern because items you're wearing don't count against the land's carrying capacity.  But if you drop an earring with a land impact value of, say, 250, while you're on a Linden Home parcel with a total land capacity of only 175, you're going to exceed the land's capacity to host objects.  You'll either a) get an error message, b) the earring will be returned to your Lost and Found folder, c) all the OTHER things on the parcel will get returned to their owners, or d) the earring and/or some other objects will be irretrievably lost.

Instead, when we want to bring something out of our inventory (a couch, a bed, or a box we want to open) we will just drag the item from inventory and release the mouse button when it's on the floor or the ground nearby.  This is called "rezzing" an item.

When we want to put something we are wearing back in our inventory, we DETACH it.  Right click the item in your inventory list (it will be in boldface and will show the word (worn) to indicate you're wearing it).  Choose either Detach, Detach from Yourself, Take Off, or Remove from Current Outfit.  All these do the same thing...they just appear at different times, and/or in different viewer versions.

To do the reverse, wear something from your inventory, right click the item in the inventory list.  Choose ADD or Add to Current Outfit.  In a few cases, you will choose the option WEAR instead.  But be careful with Wear.  It will REPLACE any item of the same type, or an item worn on the destination attachment point with the new item.  ADD is used much oftener.

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