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I don't know what you're doing in SL, but what I know is that lately it's almost impossible to stay logged on, your servers are full of issues, there is any kind of bugs, we cannot tp, we cannot run scripts, both lands and objects sudden disappear and we lack a proper customer support .
I speak also in name of a lot of residents and customers who I rent land to and from whom I keep receiving daily complaints.
As a result of this, many of them are leaving SL and consequently we are left with empty SIMs where we pay 354 US$ a month.
Nothing seems to work anymore...we keep loosing valuable items, we're getting griefing assaults which spoil our computers too...we crash several times a hour or we are unable to reach some SIMs and so on. This all make us wanting to leave SL and forget about all the issues.
So my question is:
will you ever solve these issues and if so...when? I own several groups which count more than 4000 signed avatars and I have 825 residents on my lands. You can understand that if we all will decide to quit it can be a bad loss for SL.
My avatar name is yanko sella and I'm active in SL since 2007, as well as a mentor in phoenix wave.

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This is a resident forum not a Linden Lab support portal so all anyone here can do is sympathise with you and the people having problems. I doubt many Lindens read the forums apart from perhaps moderating duties and they rarely comment on any topic.

Second Life has always been affected by bugs. It's a complicated world and I doubt we'll ever see a bug free viewer. Sometimes LL do come up trumps such as eventually fixing the ghosted avatar bug just a few months ago which had caused so much grief for people. However, it's probably a bit unfair to blame Linden Lab for all the woes befalling SL residents. Much of it has to do with trying to play Second Life with inadequate computers and poor internet connections/routers etc.

I did have horrendous issues recently staying connected to Second Life but it was eventually traced to an incompatible new router. Once replaced, I have no issues whatsoever with staying logged in, rezzing textures, teleporting or any other activities as had been the case for over four years with just minor issues from time to time. If people have problems, we may be able to sort them out on Answers so direct anyone there and we'll try to help.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4146 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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