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I have BUG in all groups.
Nothing appears in the chat I type for me to see.
I write and nothing appears to me, only other people see it.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?




Estou com BUG em todos os grupos. 
Não aparece nada no chate que eu digito para eu ver. 
Eu escrevo e não aparece nada para mim, somente as outras pessoas visualizam. 

Alguém sabe como resolvo esse problema?

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There's an already known (and allegedly worked on) bug that affects group chat, and produces the errors you mention. If you absolutely cannot use any group chat now, well... welcome to the club!

I have that issue since Tuesday, on this account I don't receive any group chat from any group, I can open any group chat and try to post but it silently fails (no error messages coming back as usual). Since I noticed the problem, I tested it with an alt, on different viewers (FS, SL), reset settings, checked everything on my end (viewer, connection, antivirus settings), so basically I sorted out everything on my end that could cause any issues. Also, on my alt everything works fine with the same viewer settings and connection, so... it can't be that anyway.

I also filed a JIRA bug report (https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-229371) and so far the few people I spoke with about this, are completely puzzled about it, so I'm waiting for LL's response in this issue. One thing for sure, not receiving ANY group chat for 6 days, especially in a situation we're in, is overly frustrating.

As a direct answer to your question (I almost forgot about it, LOL): There's nothing really we can do than waiting for LL to fix it, in the meantime you can file a support ticket at https://lindenlab.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new and specify the issue as much as you can, and wait for a response to your ticket. :)

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Oh thank god its not just me... i got this issue too!

I cannot see anything i post in chats, however i still get replies.. so it means other people can see my questions and asking for help.. i just.. cannot see my own posts..

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Group chat has been broken for months, and it seems to be only some groups, not all of them, though it's been getting worse lately. I am still receiving group chat in some of the groups I belong to. LL are aware, but whether they are willing or even able to fix it is another matter.

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4 hours ago, Claireschen Hesten said:

Don't know if it's just me but i've also noticed groups i'm in where the chat is normally active when i log in there are times it's not coming up until after being logged in a few hours or not at all

It started like that for me too, I got less and less group chat conversations popping up, missing ones that are normally always active, then last tuesday, after having only 2 popping up, since 9:00am SLT that day, there's no group chat for me, at all. Except one that popped up on Sunday with one post from someone, and then nothing more.

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