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Dear Resident,

Available for rent is a beautiful commercial island. Located on the corner of a commercial sim this island comes with unspoiled ocean front views.

This particular
 Adult rated property comes with full terraforming so that you can landscape as you wish. This island will provide you with a land impact capacity of 5000 prims to build your club, store or business.

This gorgeous ocean front location comes with a terrain surface that is 128 by 128 metres in size which is the equivalent of 1/4th sim in size. 

This island is the ideal location for people who wish to live on a  commercial sim to have their home or store or club. You can IM Count Burks directly in world with all your questions that you might have. You can directly teleport to the island by clicking on the link below.



Do not hesitate to IM Count Burks directly in world.


Count Burks


Count Burks Estates - Excellent Land For A Modest Price


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Hello Julie,


I did IM you in world with more details about the island and the tier for this particular land.

You can IM me directly in world when you wish to speak about this island or have more questions you wish to ask me.


Speak to you soon,

Count Burks

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