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RTX 2060 video card - SL compatible?

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For anyone who has this video card, is Second Life working successfully for you?

[I get that it's probably overkill, and I get that SL will almost certainly never have ray tracing, I just want to know if it works -- I saw one or two random reports of crashing though the users in the end wasn't sure if it were the RTX video card or not causing it.]

If anyone wants to suggest another current high-end NVIDIA card, I'm all ears. Price isn't that much a problem, BUT it must be absolutely silent (I have tinnitus and fan noise makes my ears buzz more.) I an ordering a new custom-built computer that I want to last me for at least 3 years. 

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Literally any graphics card you buy from nvidia that's better than a 550 is compatible with second life, except maybe some weird quadro server-cards that you can't buy individually.

Right now, the 3000 series just came out, but good luck getting one as they get sold out pretty much instantly. 3080 runs for about $700 USD. I would recommend getting one of those.

I also recommend getting a hybrid/water-cooled card if silence is an issue. Usually they still have a fan, but you can buy a silent one and use it for the radiator if you're doing the watercooling setup yourself.

The ROG STRIX version of nvidia's cards have a feature such that they basically don't run the fans if the card is below 50 degrees, because they have absolutely massive heatsync structures on them.

Also you can probably set up SL with _some_ raytracing using opengl injection.


Just don't get ripped off when you buy a card - check the standard prices and extensively google "buy RTX 30<whatever number>" , as some vendors will crank up the prices for the sake of it in hopes someone will just buy without thinking.

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Some people have issues with them in computers that have integrated graphics. Disabling the integrated graphics shouldn't be a big deal, I can't imagine needing them with a 2060. In my experience any nVidia card made since 2007 can run SL. 

With the 3070 scheduled to drop next month, the deal on a 2060 would have to be really sweet for me to go for it today. 


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I have the RTX 2060 Super and it works pretty well in SL using both Firestorm and the official viewer, though I did have to do a little tweaking in preferences to get it looking the way I wanted. One thing I have noticed is that some apps (not SL, Slack, Amazon games) don't seem to like the graphics acceleration on that card along with Windows 10. The apps look pixelated sometimes. Some you can turn that off, others you can't. 

Otherwise I'm in love with card and so love the liquid cool vs. the loud fan. Mine is in an Alienware Aurora R10 with an AMD Ryzen 7 3700X

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I have an RTX 2070 so not that much difference, and it runs great for me. I can run the game on highest setting , full screen, with all shaders, and I have level of details up to max on everything. It's a world of difference between these RTX cards and my old 1050, let me tell you. I'd say it's a great purchase. 

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