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At Club Waves we focus on creating a friendly supportive environment for the SL community at large!  We are not just some random club - we are here to support veteran staff as well as foster learning in new hires!


  • Staff retain 100% of their tips

  • DJ's are able to express themselves in any music genre they prefer

  • Hosts receive the full support of our team 

  • The club is located in an established sim since 2013 (we are not fly by night)

  • We train our Hosts / no experience necessary

  • We mentor new DJ's!


Apply Online : Waves Employment Application

Current Calendar: Calendar

In world: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Path of Destiny/49/66/2106

DJ Manager : pergatorie

Host Manager: tina75.fairlady

Owner: ooursulaoo

Club Waves Bubbles.jpg


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