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Mesh bodies/heads/skins for creating an East Asian male bear-type avatar?

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Hi all,

As the oddly specific title asks, I'm looking to create an Asian male bear-ish avatar with nice pecs and somewhat of a belly (i.e. abs not too visible), but I'm not sure how exactly to approach it, and I haven't been able to find any posts specifically about this topic either. I saw this post from February about dad bods, which may be a promising start. However, since I don't have a Belleza Jake mesh body—based on what was recommended in that thread—I can't test it out and see if it makes the body shape I'm looking for. I tried out the demo version of the Jake body with demos of the dad bod suggestions, but they didn't work for me. And even if one of the suggestions mentioned in that thread is suitable, I don't know if there are accompanying skins/heads either. So my tl;dr questions for this situation are: Are there bulky, muscular bear-ish bodies without abs? And are there suitable East Asian heads and skins for it that don't look really young? If anyone is able to provide any sort of pointers, I'd appreciate it very much!! ❤️ 

Some RL example photos from random dudes on Instagram: Example 1 (shirtless), Example 2 (clothed), Example 3 (shirtless)

For some background info about me/my current avatar, I've recently come back to SL from a years-long hiatus. My current body and head are both Niramyth's Aesthetic Enzo, which I greatly enjoy using despite its lack of certain updates. I understand that very few appliers and heads are compatible with it, and there's also the fact that its abs would be hard to cover up, so I don't expect to use it for this endeavor. I was very surprised to learn that mesh bodies and heads can get really expensive (up to L$5000 for a Bento head, L$4000 for a mesh body, etc.) so this is something I don't want to mess up! Yes, my Aesthetic package was L$2799 but I considered that to be quite expensive already! And I'm aware that the Signature Gianni body has a flash sale that was supposed to end at midnight on the 17th, but even though I still see it available for L$2750, and I don't intend to buy it (at least not yet) because I'm not sure if it's what I'm looking for.

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