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Want to be apart of a Rap and hiphop Record Label???

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Hoolyville Records, a real-life independent record label, is looking to establish themselves inworld in Second Life. We consist of about 10 artists but in Second Life's platform, 2 artists are currently trying to gain grid exposure through shows and gig bookings.
We are looking for AR's, producers, DJs, music executives, artists, and virtually any individual looking to be a part of an urban record label on the grid. The right individual should be open to the wide array of what the hip-hop genre consists of; rap, r&b, soul, trap, and neo-soul, just to name a few.
We recognize that there is a very prominent presence of live performers on Second Life but there is also a definite lack of artists that fit along the lines of hip-hop and rap and we are striving to bring this type of showcase to the grid. The two artists from the label currently possess big bodies of work and a dynamic presence with their performances.
The right candidate should look forward to the following roles and responsibilities but not limited to:
- Finding performance venues
- Merchandise planning
- Assistance with show planning
- Promotion
- Marketing
- Artist scouting
- Maintain a professional demeanor
Please note that the aforementioned qualifications are not required to be filled by one person. Depending on what you are able to take on and assume responsibility for, this will determine the payscale for you as an individual. We are realistic and do not expect anyone person to fulfill all of the above.
If this is of interest to you, below, please find the links to the artist SoundCloud pages so that you can see our body of work along with our inworld names:
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