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Paypal Problem


Hi I am Tim and just back active to sl couple months ago and try to connect my CC and paypal 

but keep get notif like this https://gyazo.com/5c22d19d4fab178dd8228e366ef86742

how to set all for me to make easy in buy and selling linden as i wanna start doing Amaretto Horses Business

I was member before and before off couple years ago i down grade my membership. So for able do buy and sell Linden to my RL acc.. should i be a paid member again?

thank you for help and sorry for my english 



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you don't have to be a premium member to buy L$, but you have to do what is said in the message; verify your paypal. That's a paypal only action, nothing to do with Second Life.
Also when it's another problem.. it also tells ; contact paypal.

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1 hour ago, TheIndoMaster said:

Thanks for responding, as you replied that dont have to be premium to buy linden.. is it count as sell linden as well?

yes, also selling L$ doesn't need premium,  but if you sell to transfer money back to RL, you'll get a "invitation" to verify your Tillia account ( = LL payservice) if you don't you can't transfer money to rl.

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It appears as if you need to verify your bank (to prove you are the owner) before you can use the PayPal account with SL - but like @Alwin Alcottsaid, this is a PayPal issue and not a SL issue.

Doing a quick Google for you, I've found the following link that confirms how to confirm (verify) your bank.


Good luck!

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