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Relay appliers for BoM objects?

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From the description, I would say no. First of all, it's no mod. In order to receive textures from Omega appliers, it would need to have an Omega system listener script installed. What you want to do is theoretically possible with the Omega custom mesh body kit script, but only if the object is modify. Your best option is to set the Maitreya body to use Bakes On Mesh, and if needed, get a BoM skin. ...  I'm assuming that your skin texture only came with an Omega system applier and no system skin.

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9 hours ago, JaclynFashion said:

That's only going to work if her body isn't updated to the newest BOM version and definitely not with an applier versus a system skin.  Since it's a pregnant belly add on that's bom ready, and the newest maitreya is also bom ready, the relay really isn't necessary as that one you keep linking is for the Maitreya body. 

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