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Wanted: A custom full sim builder

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I have a need for a full sim builder to build sims, or update existing ones. I'm easy to work with and will pay well, but I am very exacting in what I want.

Job Requirements

  • English Speaking.
  • Ability to organize things and have good skills when laying out lots of objects.
  • Sketch out an idea of how the build will be before hand.
  • You must be able to build to a general theme (eg: Fantasy, or Retrowave).
  • You must be able to enter skill gaming regions. No exceptions. (If you cannot, please read here for information: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Second_Life_Skill_Gaming_FAQ#Why_can.E2.80.99t_I_access_a_Skill_Gaming_Region.3F )
  • You must build all components used in the build, or otherwise have full permissions of any objects used, with rights to transfer them to me in a build.
  • You must be willing to build this exclusively for me, and give me the rights for me to use the build anywhere in SL as I like. You will be properly credited for the build, of course.
  • You must be able to build across several connected regions, accounting for SL bugs, such as falling through geometry when walking across a sim crossing, etc.

Please contact me in world (vexacion resident) for additional details or to ask me any questions.  I will not be keeping up with the forum as well as I would in world.

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