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There are two things, that are not a good look when it comes to seeking relationships of any kind:

1. Bordeom

2. Desperation

Your post radiates a bit of both at the moment, because its so blank. It says that you have nothing of interest to mention and that you are willing to collect any and all human contact that you can get. The most positive interpretation would be, that you just want to collect SL friends like some people collect facebook friends. An endless list with people, who you have never spoken to.

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18 hours ago, jessbat69 said:

Friend me

Friending someone in SL is not as casual, in general, as 'friending' or 'following' someone on other social media sites.Β 

While people in SL may have names on their friend list that are more of acquaintance status, often there is still some kind of in-world connection (for example, belong to the same RP group, or live in the same estate, or hang out at the same clubs, etc.).Β  Others do not add others to their friend list until after a friendship has been established over time and multiple conversations.Β  Β 

It looks like your account is very new.Β  Spend some time getting familiar with SL, do some exploring around to see what types of things are available, find a look for your avatar that you enjoy and feel comfortable with.Β  Β Search groups for topics that interest you and join a few of them.Β  Add an avatar picture and some information on your profile that will provide an opening for others to see whether or not you are someone that they want to talk with and get to know.

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18 hours ago, Gatogateau said:

Wow, that's even more random than saying "hi" to someone and chatting about the virtual weather for a minute and getting hit with an ADD ME!

Β  Β But did you ever notice how whenever it's raining heavily, we seem to lose framerate?

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