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Question about vanilla mode on OpenCollar script

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I had a Peanut collar in vanilla mode and I made someone the Owner.     In Vanilla mode I am automatically also an Owner so I have access to all features.


I wanted to remove myself as an Owner so the other Owner could control solely while I was locked, only giving me access again when unlocked (or runaway, which is extreme).     I turned off vanilla mode, while I was locked in the collar.    While I am no longer listed as an Owner, I have not lost any menu access.    I am still able to unlock myself, and get to all RLV controls.


Is this normal.   is this because I was in Lock mode when I did it -- when the collar is finally unlocked and removed -- will I lose these accesses the next time it is placed and locked?

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Answering my own question.   This worked.   Once I took it out of vanilla mode, I could see menu options but Access was denied to many of them; and when the collar was put back on (non-vanilla, only one Owner), there were some menu options no longer viewable.

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