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unable to edit land

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I own 1/2 of a mainland region (borders on a Linden water sim).  it has a large hill in the middle of it that I am unable to remove.  basically, the terrain has a locked shape.  I understand that I am only able to edit the land to within +4/-4 meters of Linden Lab's land "design".

I would like to be able to freely terraform my land.  is there any way to get Linden Labs to unlock or remove their shape or "design" from my land?  who would i contact?




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you can raise a support ticket and ask, but the answer will most probably be no

will be no as it is mainland

the mainland uses contiguous height field maps so that the regions all fit together in some coherent manner.  To see the height field map for our parcels then we can use the Revert terrain tool

when we buy mainland direct from Linden then they always Revert the land so that we can see it before we buy. When we buy from other residents then the land is rarely Reverted. Most mainland real estate agents will Flatten and/or Smooth the parcel when put to sale

only on private estates, as Estate Manager, can we set our own height field maps for our region(s)

some info on SL height field maps is here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Tips_for_Creating_Heightfields_and_Details_on_Terrain_RAW_Files  

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2 hours ago, Keir Copperfield said:

thank you for the reply.  I guess I'll try a support ticket without expecting much.  this hill is just a pain in the ass to build around.



It can be a challenge but for me it’s been also very gratifying and often surprisingly beautiful when you find an interesting or creative way to ‘use’ a hill or unusual bit of Mainland.  Maybe some sort of lookout tower or overlook structure with steps or perhaps even the helicopter landing area up on that hill may be a way for it to look like the hill is there for a purpose?  Good luck and I hope you’ll find a way to make it a feature 😉 and not an obstacle.

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I would think a large TERRACED area (as in rice paddies) would look pretty spectacular.  You could start out with cubes to layout the look. Stone steps and planting areas with foliage would soften the sharp corners and your house would be WAY above all the others in the neighbor.  Impressive.   I think there is zero chance LL will change this for you.  


Forced creativity is sometimes needed to get us thinking outside of the box. :SwingingFriends:

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